The distance is nothing; it's only the first step that is  -Marquise du Deffand

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This Document will help you establish your goals, make your list, schedule your PBR (Private Business Reception), Get your “10 in play”, and get you Plugged in to the System! 

First Step Training

The greatest amount of wasted time is the time not getting started. 

      -Dawson Trotman 


Fast Start Qualify by Advancing to Sr. AssociateYou have 20 days from the day you sign up as an Associate to Fast Start Qualify by Advancing to the Sr. Associate Level. You can Fast Start Qualify by Recruiting One Associate and Enrolling 3 Memberships OR Enrolling 7 Members. It is important that you Fast Start Qualify so that you can earn advanced commissions on your first membership sales.

Get Set Up!

Go to the Licensing Tab on this site and follow directions.   While you’re waiting you can still recruit Associates and enroll people for IDShield until your license is in effect — you CAN earn your first promotion before your TX license is processed!

Make a list of everyone you know and don’t prejudge.  Remember, they may or may not be interested, but they may lead you to someone who needs this membership and opportunity!  Grade your list with your sponsor and put “10 in play” right away by using a 3rd party tool (DVD, CD, Website, Sizzle Call, etc.).   Your sponsor will help you follow up with a 3-way phone call… because 3rd party is always more powerful than 1st party!  

Take Basic Training!
Log in to Associate portal at (use login name & password or create an account).

Go to the TRAINING tab then select BASIC TRAINING tab.  There you’ll see the online course or how to find a live class near you. 

Complete Basic Training as soon as you can, but you don’t need to complete it before earning your first promotion — we encourage you to get busy PRODUCING right away, since your Fast Start Qualification clock has started ticking (see details in 5th Step, below).

LegalShield has the training and support you need to be successful! The first step in the training process is to sit down with your sponsor and go over the Getting Started Right Document! 


Get Paid and Promoted!
​We want YOU to get paid and promoted (a.k.a. Fast Start Qualified) as FAST as possible because we know that once you earn your FIRST promotion, you’ll want to do it again… and YOUR success means MORE success for Team Texas!

To get Fast Start Qualified, complete ONE of the following within your first 20 days: 

  • Enroll 7 personal members
  • Enroll 3 personal members + recruit one Associate

Your qualification period starts the day your Associate agreement is processed, so get started immediately!

When you get Fast Start Qualified, you will earn advanced commissions on all your initial membership enrollments, you’ll be promoted from Associate to Senior Associate level, and you ALSO qualify for your first month of Performance Club, which means you’re on your way to bonuses, a BMW and free vacations!

If you do not Fast Start Qualify within your first 20 days, you’ll be paid as-earned commissions on all membership sales until you have personally completed (either of) the criteria above, over any period of time.

For any questions, call Associate Services at 580-436-7424.

Receive TEXT alerts of important LegalShield Texas events and announcements -  text @lstexas to 81010 (4 texts a month) to enroll

Get Plugged In!

Attend your local weekly business briefing and/or luncheon … and bring guests as often as possible (see Event Calendars  on the home page of this site).
Identify your support team!   Get contact info for your Manager, Director and Executive Director, and get to know your local Certified Meeting Coordinator, Regional Manager and Certified Trainers.
Get familiar with the content available to you in your Associate Portal!   A great place to start?   The “Training” tab… great training videos available there under the Getting Started Section.
Join the Texas Statewide Call every second Monday of the month at 6pm Central
Join in to watch the Leadership Show every Monday at 10am Central (or watch the replay each week)
Join us on Facebook and Social Media:   click the Facebook icon at the top of this page.

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